A not so warm welcome

Over a year has passed and nothing more than a quick welcome has been scribbled down in this little corner of the Internet. (probably going to delete it) So where are we now? Since January I graduated from my masters program, took a flight to Bangkok with my bestie B. traveled through Thailand and Cambodia for six blissful weeks, broke up my almost-but-not-really three year relationship, and since three weeks I now live in Berlin. Oh how lovely this little sum-up sounds when you go over it like that: one sentence, a few commas and no details what so ever. But trust me, especially following your dreams can be a real bitch – because that’s just life. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be fun. All I’m saying is that I expected Berlin to be a little more zsa zsa zsu, and a little less living with an older lady and her two cats, not having a stable internet connection, and being tackled by the worst flu I’ve had in years. It feels like living in Eat, Pray, Love, so who knows… things might look up for me soon.


One thought on “A not so warm welcome

  1. Your right no one said it will be easy, life is not easy for all of us and sometimes it’s really damn unfair! An old song sums this up ” I beg your pardon… I never promised you a rose garden… Along with the sunshine there’s got to be a little rain sometimes. … So smile for a while and let’s be jolly, love shouldn’t be so melencolly .


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