Monday resolutions

My dear friend A. once told me he loves Mondays. A statement I do not necessarily oppose, but I was interested in what his reasoning behind this type of thinking is.

“Mondays always offer new beginnings, like New Years does to most, Mondays just seem to open up all possibilities and resolutions for the week to come.”

This resonated with me to a certain extend and kept on lingering in the back of my mind. Yet, it did nothing for me. Mondays are just… well… Mondays. They are not the worst, not the best. They are the days after Sundays, the days on which you summarize your weekend. The days on which you pick up the work that was left on Friday. Responding to the emails that were not replied before the Friday afternoon drinks. Concluding the weekend.

Today was not that type of Monday. When I woke up at 4.30 to say goodbye to my friend F. and at 4.45 when my room was all empty again it repeated itself in my mind like a mantra. So it was at 5 am (a time that I’m no stranger with to be falling asleep) that I got up, sat at my desk, and wrote a to-do list of the day.

Now I’m not saying that a to-do list is anything revolutionary, but it does work its wonders with me most of the time. So unlike any other Monday, I didn’t conclude my weekend, I started my week, and I quite liked this change of pace.


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