Cycling through the rain

I would make the argument that this is the Dutch equivalent of dancing in the rain, but maybe it’s more of a communal habit rather than an outburst of passion. Who knows? All I can attest for is that I missed cycling and therefore I bought myself a bicycle yesterday.

Even though I was hoping the good weather of the past few days would’ve lasted a little while longer, rain decided to come pouring down on me as I just got on my bike to go home. Which any other type of rain would probably have left me feel grumpy for the rest of the day, but this was the type of rain that soaks you completely within seconds. So I laughed, and kept on going.

The whole city seemed to come to a halt. People lingering in doorways, staying a little while longer at the Bahnhof. Yet all it did was remind me of al the crazy dancing in the summers’ rain, the release of the pressing Dutch heat that we so fondly call ‘summer,’ it reminded me of home.

So there I was, cycling through the rain, but it felt like dancing.



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