The clouds were covering up the city; I could only see a few meters before the view was caught up in a white cold pillow. It’s a funny thing: fog. It takes away sight, but at the same time makes the world appear lighter. Nighttime was suddenly mixed with the brightness of tiny water droplets, suspended in the atmosphere, reflecting the streetlights. It’s even a better play on word in Dutch: mist, the same word for missing. Just how I was missing you, as I navigated my way back home through the unidentifiable landscape. You are fogging up my mind and somehow making it appear brighter than it effectively is. I was shivering, I was smiling, I was lost in my own city; yet, I didn’t feel lost at all. You made me delusional and I translate this illusion to magic. I don’t want to give up this shimmer of hope. For now, let my world appear a little brighter before you blow my house of cards down – and the fog dissipates.