The attic is bright and sunny, with all the roof windows over my head. I’ve opened them, so the calming summer breeze can chase its welcoming cool through the house. The sky is blue, only decorated with a few spots of white – it won’t rain for the coming days. The city’s sounds are safely tucked away far underneath me, I’m alone but not lonely.

I’ve been thinking about you a lot my friend. On how to explain to you how unbroken yet broken I feel, and if you possible could have an answer to questions I don’t even dare to raise in my mind. You’ve been an enigma I can’t seem to crack, and all the while it keeps me riddled how at home I feel with you. Whenever I see you, every time I see you.

So for now, all you do is make me smile in the most unexpected of times. For now, I’ll just think of you on this bright and sunny day, whilst the summer breeze is chasing in the city-sounds and fond memories. For now, I’m alone, but knowing we will meet again, I don’t feel lonely at all.


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